Playback Sports (Tacoma/Puyallup, WA)

There’s nothing better than finding good deals on things I need. It’s even better when I want to try out a sport but not sure how I’ll like it. I really dislike when I spend a ton of money on something I end up never doing again. Been there, done that bicycling! Not that I’m bitter or anything.

I have a teenage daughter, Jesse, who can be daunting financially. I don’t know how multi kid families do it! I’ve bought Jesse shoes, nice shoes, she wasn’t able to wear, ever, because she was growing so fast her feet wouldn’t slow down. It’s a good thing I really like Jesse. With PS, I can buy her skis, boots and jackets for a great price and I don’t have to worry too much about her growing out of/destroying her gear. There are way too many things I have to worry about in relation to Jesse!

The Puyallup store has a great layout and is kept tidy and clean. There’s a lot of choices and it seems like they only run out of things when there’s a rush for something (like skis). There’s even a little area with a couch and a TV for kids who have to be entertained constantly. Hey! I can’t be expected to pay attention all the time!

You can also purchase your Department of Fish and Wildlife hunting and fishing licenses and your Washington State Park’s Discovery Pass at PS now. How thoughtful, I’m terrible at multi-tasking and love it when people do it for me.

There are two PS locations, one in Tacoma (2621 N. Proctor St. Tacoma, WA 98407) and the other in Puyallup (105 E. Stewart Ave. Puyallup, WA 98372). I’ve only been to the Puyallup location.

The Tacoma location is open every day of the week, and the Puyallup store is open Wed – Sun. Check out their website for exact times. If, like me, you like to do your shopping late at night in your jammies, PS has an online market:

I highly recommend shopping at Playback Sports for all your sporty needs. Not only is the store warm and inviting, they repurpose unwanted items. That’s a wonderful thing in this throw away culture.

Take care,



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