Gateway to India (Tacoma/Gig Harbor, WA)

The family (The Fam) and I ordered Shabji Pakodas, Samosas, garlic naan, Daal Maharani, Murgh Makhani.

I don’t know if it was because I was hungry (we were eating lunch at 3pm, only my second meal of the day, and I prefer the Hobbit style of eating) or what but the lentil soup they brought out before the meal was the most delicious thing I’ve tasted in a long time. It was actually the highlight of the meal. Creamy and spicy and so good I think I drooled a couple of times and almost wished I still smoked. Just give me a trough of that lentil soup and I’m good.

I love lentils and had ordered Daal Maharani (lentils) as my main meal not realizing every entrée came with the delicious lentil soup. Now I know, though. I will try a chicken dish next time and lick the bowl of every last drop of the delicious soup. I will stop talking about the soup because I don’t want to raise the bar up to unreachable levels. You must like lentils, for instance.

The garlic naan was fluffy and delicious. I’ve had crispy cracker-like naan at other Indian restaurants but I enjoy it when it’s more bread like. I am a devout carbivore, just so you know. The rice was tasty and every dish we ordered was cooked just right with creamy, lovely sauces. The dish I ordered, the Daal Maharani, was good and made a terrific leftover meal (along with the rice) but it really paled in comparison to that stuff I won’t mention again. I really want to, though!

I plan on eating with The Fam here every time I’m in the neighborhood. There are two locations: one in Tacoma (2603 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406) and one in Gig Harbor (6565 Kimball Drive, Gig harbor, WA 98335). I’ve only been to the Tacoma location.

Take care,



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